Incendiary attack against the Telmex Cellphone Tower

Traducción a cargo de “El Mono Liso”

April 17th, 2015

The “Until Your Death or Mine” Faction lit a cellphone tower on fire on the Mexico-Toluca Highway around the area of Atizapán, in the State of México.

We tore through the barbed wire fence and the gate that “protected” the antenna, and we put an incendiary device with a homemade timer on the electric cables. From afar we observed that the object caught fire and lit up the night, and the fire spread to the antenna, burning it and vandalizing that property of the accursed company Telmex.

The antenna was made inoperable, and in this manner we proceed with our series of actions as previously stated: all that is and symbolizes civilization, progress, technology, artificiality, and science will be attacked using any means necessary.

Wild nature claims its own: the hill cut open by that highway, the trees cut down for the construction of those high tension and communications antennas, the human and non-human animals pushed to abandon their habitats for the sake of the pestilent spread of civilization. All that progress has not respected and does not respect cries out for vengeance. Our ancestors have possessed our minds, now the flame of war belongs to us.

Resistance to all that is other!

Wild Reaction

“Until Your Death or Mine” Faction



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