Regresión N° 3 (Editorial text)

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“The following pages are a call to common sense, a warning call against the continuous devastating clearing of forests, a desperate cry against the invasion of cobblestone, against houses of six or eight floors, against adulterated food and drinks, against the intellectual strain of universities and the unrelenting factory work. It is also a virulent diatribe against the thined and unhealthy air, against disease and the decay of races, and finally, it is a violent protest against the stupidity and illogicalities created by Civilization, a struggle against Science, Goddess of the present day, against Chemistry, against the Artificial.

We can live without railroads, without cars, without telegraphs and telephones, without balloons and prostitution, without pedophilia and tuberculosis.

We Just want a normal life, the exercise of Life, freedom in salvation can only be achieved through intergal Nature and the   abolition of cities, permanent source of inevitable epidemics.”

Henry Zisly, August 1899.

This paragraph was taken from “Towards the conquest of the natural state” written by Zisly, one of the most important representatives of the “Naturien Movement”, pioneers of anarchism and precursors of libertarian naturism in France. The Naturiens (as they called themselves) defended nature and loathed civilization. They saw it and industrial progress as a violent crash into the technological abyss, the adoption of alienation and the distancing from the natural, wild and primitive. It is quite impressive that more than 100 years after what was said by Zisly, the Naturien position, with respects to the criticism of civilization, remains current. His words and his attitude of rejection of the artificial is what we claim, revive and remember.

This is the third issue of the magazine against techno-industrial progress, “Regresión”, a notebook edited and published biannually. The aim of this magazine, as explained in its first issue, is the diffusion of anti-technological criticisms and the defense of wild nature, a defense with violent means that can be undertaken in the present. A defense that, when accomplished, undoubtedly positions the actors as individualists conscious of their reality, desiring to negate and destroy it.

In “Regresión”, we posit individualist extremism as our essence. This is our position when confronted with modern civilization that propagates humanist values and progress, values that are leading us toward the technological cliff. The social dynamics that we are under in this complex system often absorb us as individuals. They make us participate in the mass, in destructive consumerism and the routine life of slaves. We have decided, however, to resist this tide, to resist clandestinely and accept our contradictions from which we sustain ourselves and form ourselves as true individuals and unique subjects. One of our goals that we are trying to achieve in the present is to resist and negate the life imposed on us from childhood and to create a simple and secluded life for ourselves as far away from modern cultural influences as possible. But to make this life for ourselves, far away from big cities and within the depths of nature, it is necessary on occasion to have money, money that we would prefer to steal from wherever we can or to acquire it in the hundreds of possible criminal ways that exist rather than enslave ourselves in life as subordinates as is the case with most people. Having clarified this, that’s why the editorial group of this magazine sympathizes with the re-appropriation of money for concrete ends that helps people live a dignified life, without consideration concerning who has to be shot to acquire it. If an employee doesn’t hand over the boss’s money, he has forfeited his right to live. He is defending his master’s crumbs like a dog. He deserves a punch in the face or a bullet to the head. Similarly, the businessperson, owner, or executive who does not comply with the exigencies of the thief merits the same treatment or worse.

There is no mercy as well in these acts. It is all or nothing, it’s the extremism that we speak of without equivocation. If the money is needed for any individualist extremist end, it should be taken without regard for consequences. It should be mentioned here that money is not everything, but we say all of this as realists. In this world governed by large corporations, it is necessary at times to acquire money to achieve certain ends and acquire certain means. Working is not an option to obtain these resources, but obtaining them by fraud, robbery, or theft is. Our ancestors who saw their way of life affected by the expansion of Mesoamerican and Western civilizations also had to do these things when necessary (pillaging, theft, deception, robbery and/or murder). We are only fulfilling our historical role as inheritors of that fierce savagery.

For the spread of delinquency and terrorism that satisfies individualist instincts!

For the extreme defense of wild nature!

For the physical and moral attack on the structures of civilization!

Long live Wild Reaction and all groups that violently confront modern technological society!

Spring 2015

Regresión (Notebooks against techno-industrial progress)

Wild Reaction – Coyote Skin Cloak Faction



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