Recordando: paquete-bomba hiere a catedrático en Hidalgo

El 8 de diciembre de 2011, un académico de la Universidad Politécnica de Pachuca en hidalgo sufrió heridas tras estallarle un paquete bomba que iba dirigido a una nanotecnóloga de mencionada institución. El ataque lo reivindicó más tarde Its.

Abajo se publica la noticia en inglés.

dic09-05 - publimetro

Letter bomb detonated in a teachers hands at the Polytechnic University of Pachuca

An explosive letter bomb detonated in the hands of a teacher at the Polytechnic University of Pachuca (UPP), causing minor burns, caused panic at the educational institution.

The attack was confirmed by the Secretary of School Education and Higher Education Secretariat of State, Rolando Duran, who added that after this event higher education leaders agreed to strengthen its security protocols.

Duran confirmed that it will implement “the next level of security”, which covers from the installation of metal detector arches to X-ray systems to ensure the safety of students.

The identity of a teacher who was injured, the manager confirmed that the envelope had arrived via mail.

“When the package was received it was viewed with caution, as the weight was heavier than the expected document, so before opening the package it was isolated from the students and set the security protocol.”

Without revealing the sender that the envelope was addressed, said that it was finally opened by one of the teachers of the school, with those results.

For this reason, the place we made an intense mobilization of security forces and civil protection, to protect the safety of students and academic staff who, despite what happened, were not evacuated.

He explained that although it was not an incident of serious dimensions, the fact is that state authority can not minimize any potential risk to faculty and students.

Said “we are acting responsibly, giving the seriousness that this incident did not demand to expose any person.” Education Officer avoided speculating on the possible charge of explosives, but noted that it was an artifact that, fortunately, was not lethal, because the blast did not reach even consume the entire envelope.

He said that correspond to the state attorney general’s office, or failing to Own Attorney General’s Office, if required by the case, which ultimately determine both the materials and the source of the attack that caused excitement in social networks .

Other cases brought up are;

The Tec also a victim of these acts, the UNAM and the IPN have detected explosives in their facilities:

Last August, a letter bomb addressed to a professor at the Tec de Monterrey Campus Estado de Mexico, exploded when opened by the addressee. There were two victims.

After the incident Tec, in the same month, was reported a suspected explosive device on the premises of the Unit Zacateco the IPN.

In September, at the School of Advanced Studies, part of the UNAM Cuautitlan, an explosive device was detected.



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